Josiah Caleb also known as Josiah Harris was born January 14, 1990 in Plano, Texas. 

Father:  J.C. Harris, Mother: Dortheria Harris. He is the youngest of three siblings having one sister, Tiffaney and brother, Jeremiah. When he was about 5 his dad was sentenced to 75 years in prison leaving his mom to take care of him and his brother. His mother being a single mother, struggled paying the mortgage at her home in Plano, TX and they ultimately became homeless, moving from place to place .In 1998 he moved to Dallas with his mother and brother where he completed high school at A. Maceo Smith in 2008. Growing up in the Highland Hills community was not easy. Experiencing a life of gangs, poverty, and violence, Josiah always strived to be different. He found a strong liking in music which bloomed and grew over time, since he was a little child. He started his first music lessons playing the trombone in the 4th grade. He began to develop a great sound on his instrument winning awards and placing in city wide competitions. Josiah also enjoys sports, especially basketball. Some of his likes include playing pool, swimming, watching movies, dining and meeting people. When he got to high school he joined the choir for the first time under the direction of the great Raymond Greer. His first year in the choir was tough but discipline in the art and interpersonal discipline was developed. His voice began to mature year after year. As graduation time came,  he had lots of scholarships to different HBCU’s but he chose to go to Langston University where he was in the marching band and the choir. Ultimately, Paul Quinn College is where he graduated from and earned his Bachelor’s Degree. Josiah felt that he wanted to finally take out time to focus on his music career. Through all the ups and downs in life Josiah always knew that God had a calling on his life, so he submitted his will and talent to God and began a music career in Gospel music. Josiah brings a fresh new perspective to the Christian genre and  God has used him to touch the lives of many people all over the world. Josiah has traveled to countries such as Haiti and the Virgin island using his ministry not just in  song but doing outreach to help rebuild communities and teach about the love of God. Josiah is also inspired to live a healthy life through his weight loss journey. Upon Graduation, Josiah was over 550 pounds. He knew that it was time for  his life to change, so he started his Journey losing over 180 pounds. Through his weight loss journey it pushed  him to become the CEO of Caleb's Meal Prep where he provides healthy meals for his clients. Josiah strives to motivate people within his city and around the world praying that people would experience the love of God.